A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Abyss: Prison of Fear™ is an atmospheric puzzle adventure inspired by Myst and Riven but with a darker tone for a Halloween season release. This is meant to be a very small experience — just a prototype and practice project — not an expansive, full game.

If you enjoy it or have any trouble with it, please contact me: Drew on Twitter


I currently recommend mouse/keyboard (WASD) but Xbox gamepad is technically supported, although it needs a lot of work to feel proper. Use the Start button or ESC key to access the menu from anywhere in the game. Settings are in the menu.


Note that this is my first time making a game with:

  • First person 3D perspective and interaction
  • Semi-realistic reflection, refraction, and indirect lighting
  • Mostly pre-made audio/visual assets I didn't create myself
  • Original puzzle design and a Myst like adventure
  • Dark, spooky theme for Halloween



  • Jan 12, v0.0.10 Refined: Menu and other improvements


  • Oct 31, v0.0.9.2 Fixes, tweaks, polish... Time to play!
  • Oct 30, v0.0.9.1 Fixes, tweaks, polish
  • Oct 29, v0.0.9 Feels: Ambient audio and finale
  • Oct 23, v0.0.8.1 Fixes and tweaks
  • Oct 22, v0.0.8 Pathfinder: Challenge upgrade
  • Oct 17, v0.0.7 Firestone: Graphics overhaul
  • Oct 14, v0.0.6 Title Mode: Smooth transitions
  • Oct 9, v0.0.5 Dark Mode: Lights down low
  • Oct 7, v0.0.4 Footsteps: Ground types
  • Oct 4, v0.0.3 Sounds: Interaction sounds
  • Oct 3, v0.0.2 Puzzles: Interactions begin
  • Sep 24, v0.0.1 Maze: Walking simulator

Project started September 24th, 2019 a.k.a Myst's 26th anniversary.

Hours invested into this project: 240

Install instructions

Windows: download, unzip, and run: Abyss.exe

Mac & Linux: The same, but I don't have Mac or Linux to test on here, so please let me know if you experience any problems.


Abyss.zip 282 MB
Abyss _Mac.zip 292 MB
Abyss _Linux.zip 302 MB

Development log


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It's looking good so far! I had made you a video on Halloween night! ^_^ : 

thanks so much for booting it up! sad that you missed most of the game. you seemed to overlook ***PUZZLE SPOILERS*** that you can walk up the stone ramp and that you can push a button to operate the gates. and i'd love to improve it to avoid that: what do you think made it tough to realize that there was more to the game?

Nah, just me being a N00b.  ^_^

update to Abyss! you can read about it and if you try it again, please let me know how it is


Ah hell yeah! I definitely will!!! WEHOO!


I tried it again, It was  better. The lighting and and being able to control the sound.  I pulled the lever for the one side of the gate but I think that's the end of it right. Looks good! Woot! 

haha no, the game is a complete experience, just like it was the first time. i think you've overlooked something. it is a prison and you can try to escape. the game plays from beginning to end.

very glad the sound and picture is better now! thanks for letting me know. if you spend more time with it, i'd love to know how far you can get.

i really appreciate you testing it twice now. (:


thanks so much for playing! left you comments and questions on your video

just made a significant update to Abyss! you can read about it and if you try it again, please let me know how it is

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!