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Sliderpunk 199X

The future of puzzle games is here in this neon cyberpunk themed sliding tile picture puzzle game. Unscramble a variety of neon cyberpunk images. Each image offers a different challenge based on visual details. It is a work in progress but fully playable. More features and details will be added.

  • classic puzzle challenge
  • rad neon cyberpunk images
  • move counter, solve timer
  • use gamepad/keyboard/mouse
  • remappable controls

Controller Support

Don’t assume your input device won’t work. Check out the Input tab on the game’s startup configuration window. You may be able to remap the controls to work for you and enjoy the game the way it is intended.

This game defaults to support:

  • Xbox type gamepads e.g. Logitech F310
  • QWERTY keyboards
  • desktop mouse

Discord Community

Want to connect with other Sliderpunk players and discover more games? Join the official Cosmic Misfit Orbital on Discord to chat it up or lurk in the shadows.

Join daily discussions with other players and the developer. Voice your own feedback on this and other games. Weekly live stream announcements and development screenshots are regularly posted to keep you in the loop.

VIP Access

If you like to peek behind the scenes and to play works in progress, get VIP access to downloads and videos from Cosmic Misfit Studio through a one time free sign up: Sign up now for instant VIP access!

Each month you’ll receive a secret access code that lets you get hands on with exclusive playable prototypes plus a more in depth update on all studio projects.

Update Summary

  • 2019-04-18: more images, nicer interface, subtle vfx
  • 2019-04-10: added sounds and puzzle animations
  • 2019-04-07: prevented illegal moves, added stats
  • 2019-04-02: initial version with basic puzzle

Sliderpunk™ and Sliderpunk 199X™ are trademarks of Cosmic Misfit Studio LLC


Sliderpunk 199X _win32.zip 21 MB
Sliderpunk 199X _mac.zip 25 MB
Sliderpunk 199X _linux32.zip 27 MB

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