A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Imagine you are at the center of a giant arena, the audience roars with excited anticipation, and you are a tiny robot. The platform you are on is littered with devices that generate musical patterns. As you activate one after another, and move them around the stage, a song begins to emerge. Colorful lasers and spotlights dazzle the sensors. The robots that fill the stands are delighted by the performance. You are the champion of the Robot DJ Arena.


This is the story that sparked a modest prototype. There’s nothing epic about this early test, but perhaps you can hold that scene in your mind as you solve the simple puzzles.


If this prototype were expanded, there would be an endgame where you take your musical puzzle solutions and perform them in a sequence that hypes a group of robots that watch the show.


Apologies in advance, but gamepad is recommended.

  • WASD/Arrows to move and push
  • CTRL to interact
  • ALT for pull/grapple


Robot DJ Arena _win.zip 13 MB
Robot DJ Arena _mac.zip 14 MB
Robot DJ Arena _linux.zip 16 MB

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