A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


How will you turn the tide of war between two worlds?

Intervene as two opposing factions attempt to annihilate one another in a bitter war. Choose a faction to assist. Sabotage the enemy. Battle with fate itself and dare to tamper with the destiny of worlds!

This was my first ever game jam entry. It was submitted in August 2014 after 48 hours of design and development. There was a silly bug (it was upsidedown!), so after another hour, I created a 49-Hour Edition which is what you can play here.


One year after the jam, I returned to the project to attempt a more complete game with an altered concept. Instead of switching sides mid-play, you stuck with your choice and I added local multiplayer.


Both versions are zipped up together, so choose your platform, choose your edition, then choose your side and enjoy!


cys _win.zip 42 MB
cys _mac.zip 43 MB
cys _linux.zip 46 MB

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