A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You're a red brick in space. Everything else is a target. Shoot em up!


My second prototype-a-month project from back in 2014. This was my first attempt at a space shootemup. It is largely preserved as it was back then, insofar as the core gameplay, graphics, and audio haven't changed, but I've updated it just enough to make the experience a bit more pleasant with quality of life improvements and a few basic options.

Original 2014 features include:

  • bricks, pixel confetti graphics, and retro sounds
  • original electronic music in the background
  • basic blasters, blaster powerup, seeking missiles
  • simple score counter and player stats (nothing saved)
  • gamepad and keyboard support
  • rad slow motion game over screen

New 2018 feature upgrades:

  • your highscore is now saved to your computer
  • dpad support and improved keyboard support
  • volume controls and music mute feature
  • control info shown on pause screen
  • game autopauses if window loses focus
  • multiple resolution options including full screen
  • title screen added


blockship _win.zip 15 MB
blockship _mac.zip 17 MB
blockship _linux.zip 18 MB

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